We believe that teaching children to love God and others takes place in both the home and in the church.  For this reason, C3 seeks to partner with parents (the greatest teachers of all!) to build the lives of children all over the city of Columbus and beyond.

We desire to equip parents, nurture children, and create meaningful experiences so that all may experience fully the family of God.  Through curriculum and participation, C3 kids are presented Jesus in relevant ways, creating memories children will never forget.

Our goals in C3 Kids consist of 4 aims:
1.  Help each child grow in their relationship with Christ
2.  Build healthy & meaningful friendships with other children and adults
3.  Love and serve their community well and to see the needs of others around them
4.  Go & share the love of God in practical ways

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C3 Kids is divided into three classes where age-appropriate activities and learning can take place.

C3 Nursery: This is where babies from 0 mos-12 months (or pre-mobile) hang out during the service with leaders who provide loving care for them.  We take safety and security seriously and do everything possible to make this a safe place for your family.
C3 Movers & Shakers:  This is where children who are mobile, or are older than 12 months, experience loving leaders who explain (in simple terms) who Jesus is and what the Bible says.  Typically, in this classroom you'll find Play-Doh, coloring pages, toys, and a story time.
C3 Pre-K: C3 Pre-K is weekly environment geared toward school-aged children (starting at age 4).  Here in this classroom, your kids will be introduced to a theme, they're taught a lesson from the Bible, and they worship God through singing together.  C3, currently, is using a multi-media curriculum adopted from Saddleback Church Kids.  C3 encourages the social development of children through small group conversation and participating in activities together.

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Sunday Mornings

Checking your child into C3 Kids on Sunday mornings is simple.  There is a check in station in the lobby of our building.  If it's your first time at C3, simply let one of the team members at the C3 Kids station know and they will get you signed in.  If you've been to C3 before, your name should be in the check-in system and you'll receive a code-number for each of your children.  Simply stick each child's sticker on respective children and bring them to their appropriate classroom.  If at any point during the Sunday morning Celebration your child needs you, the code you received upon check-in will appear on the screen in service.


C3 Kids Teachers

We have a team of leaders who serve each week in our C3 Kids rooms.  Leaders serve on a monthly rotation, providing consistency and relationships with parents and children to help ensure their safety and knowledge of a loving God.  All teachers are background checked and attend several "Lead Teacher" meetings throughout the year. 



Click here to sign into Planning Center.  View your C3 Kids teaching shifts here and block out any unavailable dates you may have.