C3 Values

Imagine yourself on a first date.  You go for coffee and Scrabble, you like her, she likes you.  You go on a second date.  It's on the second date where you really begin to wonder if this could become something.  

You begin asking her questions about the things she values.  Does she value family?  Church?  Buckeye football?  

If her values don't line up with yours, you find yourself less interested in texting or calling her for a third date.  You don't see it going anywhere because the way you live your lives, spend your time, and invest your resources is simply different.  If, however, you see her values line up with yours, your mind starts to wander and you begin to dream of your life together watching Buckeye football in your new dream house with a miniature schnauzer on your lap.

Values matter.  Knowing someone's values helps you determine if relationship with them is a good fit for you. 

We know finding a girlfriend is hard, and we also know finding a church can be hard, too.  In an effort to help you see if C3 may be a good fit for you, we thought it might be helpful if we told you right off the bat what our values are. 

Primarily, we value five things at C3.  
1) Community
2) Celebration
3) Change
4) Generosity
5) Replication

We believe God designed us for relationship and to be doing life in Community with others.  We think there's lots about our days, weeks, circumstances, and about God that deserve to be celebrated -- so we Celebrate often.  We value Change because we think God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way.  Generosity changes our our own hearts and our neighbors' hearts -- so we encourage open hands and open hearts so that C3 would have a reputation as a blessing to the individuals and the city of Columbus.  And because we believe so wholeheartedly in the things that God has called C3 to, we prize Replicating C3's values into lives and communities.