We started around a dinner table. We grew to fill a school gym. We stand now in the face of giants.

With five years of God’s favor leading us thus far, City Campus Church seeks God’s favor for the next five years. What is God calling us to? What kinds of influence does He want us to have? Who is He leading us to impact? How will He use our community of people to change a city of thousands?

From the beginning we’ve always been about people — helping people grow and giving more people new opportunities to experience Jesus. Today, none of that changes.

We stand for the same things.

But we believe God is calling us to increased influence — for the prosperity of our beloved city, and for the good of its people.

In our way, however, stand giants. Giants, who like Goliath, taunt us with shouts riddled with intimidation, fear, and accusation.

We sense God calling us to tackle these giants over the next five years. While we are unsure of the specifics of how God might want to tackle these through our church, we sincerely believe He’s asking us to be courageous and move toward them.

The giants we believe God wants us moving toward are:

  1. The City Giant — helping impact:
    a. Mental Health
    b. Foster Care System
    c. Opioid Epidemic
    d. Education System
    e. Race & Segregation

  2. University Giant

  3. Internal Giant

  4. Replication Giant

  5. Kids Giant

Find more about each of these giants at their respective pages and listen in on any of the sermons to hear more.

Would you dream with us?
Dream of a day where the church has triumphed over the City, the University, Internal structures, Replication, and Kids everywhere. Where the church wins, people win. We invite you to link arms and head to battle with us.