Change starts here.



Sunday Mornings

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With you in mind, we've designed Sunday mornings to feel like a celebration.  We know you've probably put a long week behind you and you're anticipating a full week ahead.  We believe God gave us Sundays to purposefully shift our perspective from exhaustion, anxiety, and uncertainty to thankfulness, hope, and trust.

Missional Communities

As the heartbeat of City Campus Church, Missional Communities are groups of 15-40 people who gather weekly to do life together and serve their neighborhood.  We believe it's primarily through Missional Communities where you can BE CHANGED and BE CHANGE as you give permission to God for Him to change you and use you in the lives of others.


If you want to know what any group of people is about, you look at the things they value.  At C3, we primarily value five things:
Replication.  Generosity.  Celebration.  Change.  Community.  


"No exceptions."

"I love how C3 values people.  The church comes alongside of individuals to help and care for them wherever they are in their life -- there are no exceptions.  Jesus loves everyone -- there are no exceptions."      
-Cody P.