Be Change.
Be Changed.

At City Campus Church (C3), we strive to make an impact in others' lives, as well as our own.  By gathering in small missional communities outside of Sunday morning celebration, we are able to build stronger relationships with one another and dig deeper into God's Word.  These communities not only help change ourselves, but the neighborhoods around them.  Each month, the goal is for the missional communities to serve their surrounding neighborhood -- making an impact on others' lives, as well.  We invite you to get connected with a missional community near you, to become change, and to be changed. 


Missional Communities are the heartbeat of City Campus Church.  They are groups of 15-40 people who gather weekly to do life together and serve their neighborhood.  A typical Missional Community will gather for dinner, worships, and study two or three times a month and then serve their neighborhood once or twice a month. 

C3 intentionally offers very little else to get involved in because Missional Communities are the hub of activity.  We believe you can BE CHANGED and BE CHANGE in these communities as God shapes and transforms your life by journeying with others and transforms neighborhoods through your love in action.   

The vision of C3's Missional Communities is to replicate leaders who replicate communities.  Each Missional Community has a leader and an apprentice.  The apprentice is invested and trained and then sent with a small group from the Missional Community (including a new apprentice) to launch and build the next Missional Community.  By design, C3 will have pockets of CHANGE all over the city of Columbus and the neighboring university campuses. 


The church in the United States has typically focused on the large gathering (75+) and the Small Group system (groups of 10-15 people).  The philosophy of C3 is that there is relational dynamic that is being overlooked in these two contexts -- namely the connection that happens in groups of 20-40 people.  In a small group, if five people don't show up, the interaction is stifled and the momentum slows down.  In the large gathering, you can miss several weeks and not be missed.  In a group of 20-40 people, however, you know the people and are known by the people.  You are missed when you don't come, but the momentum and effectiveness of the group is not destroyed. 

The other element that makes Missional Communities effective for C3, is that these groups do not exist merely for themselves.  They exist, instead, for the people in neighborhoods who are not yet connected.  Large gatherings typically focus on big events that draw people to the large gathering itself.  Small groups often exist primarily for the people in the group already and do not seek to serve their neighborhood(s) with intentionality.  Missional Communities serve neighborhood once or twice a month.  They come up with outreaches and/or partnerships and determine what matters most to their community and how they can bring the gospel into that context. 

Location & Times

Mondays @ 6:30PM
Serves: Fostering Love
Contact: Rachael Hartzler

Tuesdays @ 6:00PM
Serves: Fostering Love
Contact: Lori Brittenham
Tuesdays @ 6:30PM
Serves: A Kid Again
Contact: Kantele Rouan
Wednesdays @ 6:30PM Serves: Concord Counseling Services
Contact: Allison Heinold
Thursdays @ 6:30PM
Serves: SON Ministries
Contact: Grant Smucker

Sundays @ 12:30PM
Serves: University Context
Contact: Zach Brittenham

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