Sunday rolls around, you wipe the sleep from your eyes, and you wonder, "maybe this week, I could try church out." 

After several minutes lying there, you talk yourself out of it.  You're too tired, it's been too long of a week, you don't know anybody if you show up, you don't have anything to wear and you're not sure how to act if you did show up.  And surely, you think, your kids would never behave long enough to sit through a church service. 

Let us shift your perspective a bit.  What if church, instead of an obligation, felt more like a party?  What if you came to church and, instead of it being another thing that zaps your energy, it actually infused you with zeal and energy to take on the week ahead of you?  We've envisioned a church that puts wind back into your sails, where your kids might enjoy going to see their silly friends, and you're inspired to take on Monday in a brand new way.

What if church felt more like a celebration than a duty?

At C3, we've designed Sunday mornings to feel like a celebration.  There will be coffee and people there to take care of your kids for an hour; we'll have worship, biblical teaching, and opportunities to hear about how we can serve the city of Columbus.

Sunday mornings at Graham Expeditionary Middle School are a party.  And you're invited.


Location & Time


Graham Elementary & Middle School
140 E. 16th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43201



"It's home".

“After searching around Columbus for a church to call home, my husband and I chose City Campus Church because of the generosity, service to the community, and genuine relationships and connections we made from our very first time there.”

— Liz S.

"They're our family."

“C3 has become our home, and the people in our community have become our family.  Being on mission together makes all the difference.”

— Matt T.

"Forever grateful."

"We came to C3 because we really liked the vision to radically love the way Jesus did -- to love the community around us and build relationships outside of our comfy bubble.  The people of C3 generously rallied around us when my health tanked and I am forever grateful.”

— Kaillie D.




Take a break from the rush and come celebrate.